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Thrilling Adventure Activities

Thrill seekers looking for the ultimate in adventure activities around the world have no shortage of options. Here are the top five, guaranteed to bring on that adrenaline rush.


Number one on the list is definitely not for the faint-hearted and jumping out of a plane to experience freefall, before descending with a parachute, is not for everybody. However, a tandem dive with a qualified instructor ensures strict safety standards are met, and spectacular views are guaranteed.

Bridge Climbing

Perhaps not the obvious choice, but climbing some of the world's highest bridges offers vantage points which few people have seen. Sydney Harbor Bridge in Australia often features on many people's bucket list.


If fear of fast flowing of water is a problem, then rafting is best avoided. However, for those who enjoy getting wet, while hurtling downstream on some of the world's iconic rivers, then rafting definitely deserves a place in the top five adventure activities.

Bungy Jumping

New Zealand is the home of bungy jumping, and what seems a crazy idea to leap into the unknown attached to an elastic rope, is now surprisingly popular. Jumping can be undertaken from natural features or manmade structures.


Heading into a deep, dark cave is not recommended for those with a claustrophobic nature, but can be a great adventure, exploring places seen by very few people. A qualified guide, headlamps and crash helmets are, of course, an absolute necessity for this activity.

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